Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti release date officially confirmed: October 18 and 26

Nvidia released several Pascal architecture graphics before. Of course, these graphics are positioned in the mid-to-high-end.Currently, it is dominated by AMD Radeon RX 460 on the market,but Nvidia is about to release their own mid-to-high-end graphics,positioning in the mainstream gaming market.

Nvidia will announce two new graphics cards in October, named GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti.GTX 1050 will be announced on October 18, while the enhanced version GTX 1050 Ti will be announced on October 26.


According to the current popular online news,GTX 1050 / Ti will use Nvidia’s small core -GP107 core.GTX 1050 Ti has 768 CUDA and 4GB RAM ,GTX 1050 is has 640 CUDA and 4GB RAM.Both graphics’ TDP is 75W.It is expected that the performance of GTX 1050 Ti is a little higher than that of GTX 960, while GTX 1050 is higher than that of GTX 950.

But now the price is not clear, we think the price of GTX 1050 Ti will be between $165-$180, and GTX 1050 will be between $135-150.

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    Bpinn 10 months ago

    I think it is worth to buy.

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