DJI’s new drone Mavic Pro review

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In the impression of most of us, the UAV is a huge aircraft, looks like a small helicopter.

each UAV manufacturers have begun to launch lighter and more portable UAV products, such as Karmaand GoPro Yuneec Breeze.

Now, another UAV manufacturers DJI also launched Mavic Pro which is the smallest, smartest and most approachable new UAV.This is a folding drone which can be folded into a water bottle size.The price is only $749.Mavic Pro is in the continuation of other models’ intelligent features,and also adds some new features.

Mavic Pro’s overall sense of operation is very good,especially the operation of metal material lever feels much better than the other products with plastic handle.Although there are many setting buttons,Mavic Pro starts up no great difficulty for experienced users, including photos, videos, and landed.

If these are not enough, Mavic Pro also strengthens the support of smart phones. First of all, users can view the real-time position of the Mavic Pro through App,and of course to real-time control to avoid the obstacles ahead.

Mavic Pro is also the first to support gesture control in DJI’s UAVs, and this brings us a unexpected surprise. Yes, we can use the “Y” gesture to comman Mavic Pro on-site standby, or imitate the photo of the “picture frame gesture” to take photo control.

Besides some basic gesture command, we can also use the combination of gestures to control the UAV. It can be set to follow itself completely at a fixed distance.

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The price of Mavic Pro is not high, and the improved support for smartphones also let it reduce the control of UAV. So that more people can experience the charm of drones.

If you have always been interested in the UAV products, Mavic Pro has given you the the biggest reason to buy it because of its better portability and ease of use.

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