DJI released a foldable drone: DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro use folding design.Under folding state,its 4 arms are close to the body and the overall size is the same as the water bottle.You can put it in your backpack, and complete flight preparation in a short time.Behind the compact design, the function of Mavic is still strong. It is equipped with a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, visual navigation system,a transmission system with a 4.3mi (7km) range,maximum 27-minute flight time. All sorts of features to redefine the technical standards of small UAV.

Best flight experience


Based on the FlightAutonomy system,Mavic Pro has unsurpassed stability, controllability and security.FlightAutonomy is the brain and system of Mavic Pro.It consists of a pair of vision cameras, main camera, GPS / GLONASS dual-mode satellite positioning system, ultrasonic module, redundancy sensors and 24 high-performance computing cores. .

Compared to the traditional optical flow technology of a single camera,the effective distance of FlightAutonomy is further, and it can sense three-dimensional space environment.Regardless of the satellite signal, Mavic can be precise positioning, navigation, route planning. It can sense obstacles and achieve intelligent avoidance in the fastest 36 km / h (10 m / s) .

 Stable 4K aerial system


The Mavic Pro is equipped with 12 million pixel aerial camera,can take JPG and RAW format photos,supports support 30 FPS 4K video and 96 FPS 1080p video shooting;Aerial camera can turn 90 degrees to realize vertical shooting, with recent focus distance of 0.5 m autofocus camera, make Mavic Pro become a self portrait artifact.

 New HD video transmission technology


Mavic’s new foldable remote control comes with comes with a display screen that can display information such as height, distance and power. The user can control the drone by using the remote control, the mobile phone or remote control combined with cell phones (the mobile phones can be fixed to the bottom of the remote control). The user can grasp a variety of functions in a short time.There’s a back button and a pause button on the remote control, the intelligent flight mode will ensure the flight safety of the user.

OcuSync HD image transmission technology – its transmission range is up to 7 kilometers, resolution is up to 1080p.Advanced spectrum management algorithms make it more resistant to jamming in the presence of congestion.In addition to the OcuSync, Mavic Pro equip with the 2.4G/5G dual band Wi-Fi , let user directly controls the drone with the phone to deal with such as self-time, follow, on-board application download a picture at close range.Users can achieve live video(resolution up to 1080p) on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and other social platforms by DJI GO application.

The most intelligent UAV in history

In the process of human-computer interaction,intelligent vision technology allows Mavic Pro to achieve the “guidance flight”.It can convert to a new selected direction when the users touch the phone screen and avoid obstacles automatically in the whole process.It is worth mentioning that there is a “self timer” mode making Mavic Pro can understand the user’s movements and gestures instructions.User just makes corresponding action in front of the drone,Mavic Pro can automatically place the user in the center of the screen and wait for another instructions.After the flash counting down, independently complete air self-timer.

Immersive flight experience


FPG Glasses – DJI Goggle comes with an 85 degree viewing angle dual 1920 * 1080 LTPS display that can be connected directly to Mavic Pro via OcuSync, minimizing picture delay and providing immersion flight experience.It can also allow others to watch the real picture through the glasses in their own flight. DJI Goggle’s flip design allows users to flip the front cover, users can quickly switch between first-person and third-person perspective.

Price and delivery

DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro sells for $749 only the UAV itself.The all-inclusive package includes a Mavic Pro, two flight batteries, a shoulder bag, alternate propeller, car charger for the price of $1,299.

From now on, DJI Mavic Pro begins accepting reservations on the official website and Apple Store.It starts shipping in mid October.

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